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A personal accountant for your needs


Dedicate yourself to your business

Don’t waste your time with the paperwork. We’ll take care of your accounting.

Always up to date

Synchronization and recalculation of your constant financial status.


Quick and easy tax filing. Our software calculates VAT and other taxes,


Your personal advisor will accompany you in all processes. Call us when you need it.


The accounting of your activity as a freelancer at your fingertips at all times, your accountant takes care of everything:

  • Issue your invoices online.
  • Access your updated income accounts at all times from where you are.
  • Upload your documentation and your accountant will take care of the rest.
  • Access your balances information with customers and suppliers.
  • All the necessary support information for the management of your business.
  • Economic-Financial analysis of your activity available at all times from your PC or on your mobile.

All your company taxes a day. Access your tax information with the details you need:

  • Corporate tax.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT), including immediate supply of information (SII).
  • Withholding on income tax.
  • Withholdings on leases.
  • Intra-Community declarations (349 and Intrastat).
  • Declaration of Operations with third parties (347).
  • Provincial and Canary Islands taxes.
  • Tax on economic activities.
Become a self-employed

If you are thinking of being self-employed we manage your discharge paperwork for free.

    Other Labor services

    Your advisor will help you with any other needs you may have as a freelancer:

    • Receive assistance in the management of your invoices.
    • We plan all important dates related to tax obligations to keep you up to date.

      Are you self-employed and have workers in your charge? Your accountant will take care of everything so you can easily manage the most valuable asset of any business, the people

      • The payroll of your employees ready on time and fulfilling all the requirements (monthly payroll, extra pay, arrears, settlements).
      • Bank remittances for payroll payment.
      • All the information necessary to include the information in the accounting.
      Employment contracts, end of contracts,...

      Your employees arrive and sometimes they leave, but your accountant stays by your side to help you make everything easy:

      • Your contracts of employment prepared according to official models, as well as their presentation before the administration.
      • Assistance in the process of labor relations (end of contract letters, company certificate, settlement).
      • Control and monitoring of the maturities of the contracts of employment of your employees.
      Social Security-income tax

      We take care of all the procedures with the Social security:

      • Employee variations.
      • Preparation and monthly delivery of social insurance.
      • Management of temporary disability parts, both for common and professional contingencies (common illness and work accidents), as well as their processing to the network and Delt@ system.

      We manage everything related to income tax on your workforce:

      • Data communication to the company for the calculation of income tax (model 145).
      • Income tax calculation of employees according to the personal and family situation.
      • Preparation and presentation of income on account of monthly/quarterly income TAX withholdings (models 111/216) and the annual summary of Income TAX withholdings (model 190/296). State and Foral regime.
      • Preparation of the withholding certificates.
      Employee Portal

      Besides being our client, we make available to your SME:

      • Employee’s Portal: through which your workers will be able to access their personal data and modify them whenever they want, as well as downloading all the work documents (payroll, withholding certificate, etc.).
      • Analysis regarding your company’s available at all times from your PC or on your mobile.
      Other tax Services
      • Simulations of hiring or settlements.
      • Preparation of moonlighting documents.
      • Data variance communication.
      • Labour surveys (INE).
      • Work center opening.
      • Presentation of the models 111 or 190 without employees.
      • Presentation of grants and subsidies for employment promotion.
      • Service calculation of arrears.